Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The New Naturals by H&M!

H&M have always been one of my top five stores to shop at on a weekly basis, along with Topshop, Zara, New Look and River Island.  So it's no surprise that they have just launched a new makeup range called 'the new naturals'. 

I was instantly drawn to the lipsticks or what they like to call 'cream lip colours'.  I snapped two of them up in seconds, in the colours 'Kombuca' and 'Siena Piazza'. 

'Kombuca' is a really warm rose colour with a fantastic sheen once applied.  Although it is a neutral shade, it still gives you colour without being too bold.  This is almost like a light raspberry tone, and I must admit that ever since Tanya Burr did her makeup tutorial on berry coloured lips I am seriously addicted! 

'Siena Piazza' is the complete opposite to 'Kombuca', as it is more of a coral shade.  It is fantastic for dressing up a plain outfit with a pop of colour but I also find that it is a transitional colour.  I can definitely picture me wearing this next summer on my honeymoon!  Corals and pinks are always very warning for my ever so pale (Ivory) complexion! 

Both lipsticks are incredibly cream based and therefore moisturising to the lips, making them long lasting!  I also think that the lipsticks are highly pigmented in colour which is brilliant for me as usually, because of my natural dark lips, I struggle to find neutral shades that go on without having to apply more than one coat.  But these two are amazing at only £7.99 each they are a real bargain!! 

I definitely will be keeping my eyes peeled regarding H&M's makeup range as even though it's high street... It's not bad quality at all! 

M x  

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